Filipina ad tackles workplace sexism

It's not every day you see a commercial tackle discrimination. But an ad from Pantene Philippines has done just that.

The 60-second TV advertisement, as part of the female empowerment #WhipIt campaign, deftly exposes the double-standards of the gender divide in the workplace. It points out how the same qualities are deemed positive for men but negative for women.

Check out the Pinay power ad below.

The company also teamed up with the Rappler website for a series of essays and discussions on the gender bias.

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The bigger of a problem these sexist double-standards are, the more difficult it is for women to do what the text at the end tells them to do ("don't let labels hold you back" "be strong and shine").

I like that the ad showed how women are perceived as undesirable when they show qualities that are considered desirable in a man, but I felt the line at the end didn't help anything.
Rating: -5
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