’Twas the night before recycling day

The B.C. Liberal government has hired Santa’s elves to write recycling propaganda. Let's hope they at least got minimum wage. 

What the elves—I suppose that's what they're calling the Ministry of Environment's spin doctors these days—have done is take "’Twas the Night Before Christmas" and turn it into a poem about holiday recycling.

Here's an excerpt of "A Recycling Story":

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the city,
Broken toys were scattered about - oh such a pity....

Recycle drink boxes, electronics and toys,
Small appliances, cellphones - for girls and for boys.
Recycle your batteries, light bulbs and lamps,
Recycle your papers, your letters, your stamps!

To the curbside or depot it's easy to carry,
Making the planet much greener helps us all to be merry!
The choices we make are important you know,
Whether it's sunny, or raining, or starting to snow.
Our lakes will be cleaner; our parks will be green,
Our Province looks nicer when it's pretty and clean!

Now children, this story is not just for you,
It's important for grown-ups to recycle too!
Reduce and reuse are things to remember -
To do all year round, not just in December!

Of course, someone with the same name as Premier Christy Clark's kid (Hamish) makes an appearance:

Now Sophie! Now Maddie! Now Ambika and Ben!
Come Hamish! And Peyton! Mallory and Miriam!
To the top of the heap! To the top of the wall!
Now let us recycle! Recycle it all!

The government has posted audio of Minister of Environment Mary Polak (of Surrey school board gay book ban fame) reading the tale.

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