Soweto Gospel Choir honours Nelson Mandela with touching flash mob

A South African grocery store was the setting for a touching tribute to Nelson Mandela. On December 7, a Johannesburg location of Woolworths was treated to a flash mob of singers from the Soweto Gospel Choir.

The Grammy Award-winning choir, who last performed in Vancouver in 2012, posed as grocery store employees and customers before breaking out into an a cappella version of Asimbonanga (We have not seen him), a song written by musician Johnny Clegg in 1987 as a call for Mandela’s freedom during his incarceration.

The “impromptu” performance left many customers in the busy grocery store in tears and deeply touched.

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beautiful voices, am really touched, you will always remain my favourite choir, indeed our great leader will rest in peace, thanks Soweto gospel choir
Rating: +9
I luv mandela
O Madiba! Madiba your ship has finally come to rest
Rest now, now rest, for peace was your bequest.
Humiliated, disgraced, yet in captivity you chose
By embracing your enemy, you learnt and rose.
Insulted, assaulted, assaulting, at fault,
Lover, Soldier, for Justice, for God’s sake!
Stop work, break bread, water and salt
And follow in his wake. 

O Madiba! Tata Madiba you who have overcome
A true mandala spun, a Nelson who has won
Overcoming loneliness, cowardice and fear.
Bravery but a blindness brought on by all held dear.
Shame, defeated, blame, defeated, fame -
Let all come, let all shake,
Same blood, same, all the same,
And follow in his wake.
Rating: +13
Sandra Wright
Absolutely magnificent! Your voices were so beautiful. I didn't understand what you were saying but it still moved me to tears. I suppose it was because of the love you displayed for Mandela and love still remains the universal language. From America I watched and was encouraged by the life of Mandela. I felt your lost joined you in your grief rejoiced with you in joy. And now because of this display by the Soweta gospel choir drawn close in your display. God bless you richly!
Rating: -2
kgadi mothwa
Thank you soweto gospel choir , you really did touch my heart, you sang from your hearts and May God bless and keep all of you safe. Wherever Tata is ,his happy to hear you honor him like this. It is breathtaking. I believe you have touched the hearts of everybody who heard you singing this song for Tata Madiba. God bless.
Rating: -1
Oh what a sweet song for our great fallen leader Madiba really asimbonanga, we love you Tata wethu
Rating: +8
Simply Breathtaking!

Rating: -3
lyrics - Translated...
Asimbonanga [we have not seen him]
Asimbonang' uMandela thina [we have not seen Mandela]
Laph'ekhona [in the place where he is]
Laph'ehleli khona [in the place where he is kept]

Asimbonang 'umfowethu thina [we have not seen our brother]
Laph'ekhona [in the place where he is]
Laph'wafela khona [in the place where he died]
Sithi: Hey, wena [We say: hey, you]
Hey, wena nawe [Hey, you and you]
Siyofika nini la' siyakhona [when will we arrive at our destination]
Rating: +5
Really this song moves me to tears and also we can feel the love people had and will always bear for Mandela. long live the Soweto choir and may the sweet voices we can hear from this amazing choir bring peace to all of us in our mind and our heart.
Rating: +1
So beautiful. It moved me to go to iTunes and buy your song.
Rating: -6
an amazing tribute and song with such love and passion.
Rating: -7
Great song, beuatiful voices, an outstanding tribute to an amazing icon !
Rating: -1
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