What Would You Do? Interracial couple attacked with racist remarks

If you saw an interracial couple being subjected to racist remarks, what would you do?

That's what the program, handily entitled What Would You Do?, asks. The ABC News program, hosted by John Quiñones, takes a look a number of social issues, ranging from parenting to various forms of discrimination, such as homophobia and racism.

The program secretly stages scenarios in public spaces, and captures the reactions of bystanders (who don't realize they're watching actors) to see how they will respond.

In one episode, the program staged a black female hairdresser at a Harlem barbershop in New York City to berate a black male-white female couple (also actors) with racist remarks for their interracial relationship.

How do you think the other patrons will respond?

Watch the video below to see, but until the end though, when a black woman, who happens to be a diversity director and a lesbian, does something extraordinary.

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Too much concentration on white-black..we all know that there is plenty of racism involving that pair. What will be interesting is Asian woman-white man couple. Supposedly they are the most accepted couple in America. Now, if we get people react racist with that kind of couple we will know the intense depth of racism. Until then, it is of academic interest because we know that there is plenty of racism against asian-white couples.
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