Could you survive a week without the Internet?

Could you survive a week without the Internet?

That's the subject of this short documentary from Mother London, which follows the lives of five digital natives as they attempt to get through a week without social networking, web browsing, or even taking the dreaded selfie.

Tellingly, participants, along with their friends and family members, reported a greater overall level of happiness, with one son saying his dad was much friendlier to be around without the digital distractions.

At the end of the week (okay, five measly days), all of the film's subjects felt a sense of relief at the time spent away from the online world and claimed they would use the Internet less from now on.

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yes. I make it a point to "unplug" at least once every few months. I am not on any social networking sites and just happen to have really old fashioned friends who actually use a phone to call me, not text but call.

On my vacations I make it a point not to bring my cell phone. It amazing what you can see and the people you meet when your face it planted into an electronic device. The experience is very liberating.

Rating: -3
"It amazing to me"?

"When your face it planted into an electronic device"?

Darn that auto correct eh?

It hate is.
Rating: -7
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