Video: Angry rifle-toting neo-Nazi Craig Cobb declares he's one of the most famous racists in the world

Former Vancouver resident Craig Cobb allowed himself to be videotaped last month in Leith, North Dakota, while carrying a rifle with fellow racist Kynan Dutton.

Along the way, the ex–Downtown Eastside resident got into an expletive-laden war of words with a Christian preacher.

(Warning: the video and article below contain searing profanities.)

Cobb moved to Leith earlier this year to set up an all-white community.

At 2:50 of the video, Cobb walks by the preacher's house and shouts: "Hey, you son-of-a-bitch Christian....Fuck you, you little pussy boy. Come on over here."

Cobb later accuses the man of trying to run him out of "this goddamned town".

The preacher then mutters something unintelligible.

At that point, Cobb moves forward in a menacing fashion and conveys his outrage about the way townsfolk reacted to his arrival.

"Fuck you with your double-talk Christian shit, man," Cobb says. "You act like a man. You go up there and tell them to comport themselves with some goddamned dignity. Fuck you, you fucking kike-Jew cocksucker."

The man says he can only control his own behaviour, and not what others are doing.

"I can control mine, too," Cobb says. "I'm not shooting you, am I? Fuck you."

The man continues engaging Cobb in conversation, suggesting he'll never win the approval of people with his tactics.

Then, Cobb declares: "Listen asshole. I'm one of the most famous racists in the world, you son of a bitch. Don't tell me about winning people over."

That's followed by more racist accusations from Cobb, who eventually taunts him by saying: "Suck Jesus's cock, fuck you."

Cobb was arrested later that day and is in custody on charges of terrorizing residents of the town.

He was eventually sent to a mental hospital to be evaluated after he stopped eating.

In 2010, the Straight revealed that Cobb had filmed an antiracist demonstration outside the Braid Station in New Westminster.

Later that year, he was arrested at the Vancouver Public Library in connection with a racist website he operated.

He eventually moved to Montana before ending up in North Dakota.

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Doesn't fame have publicity to thank for much of it's notoriety.
Rating: -4
So a guy tries to move into a small neighborhood to get away from nonWhites and so people start spray painting his house and slashing his tires. When he open carries to show people he's not afraid, they throw him in prison for 30 years.

I'm so glad we're free in America.
Rating: -1
This guy didn't do anything to anyone. If second ammendment activists don't stick up for him, this is going to be a legal precedent. They won't though. They're terrified of being associated with "wacists".

The land of Mtv and the home of the slaves.
Rating: -2
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