Fraser Health puts brain surgery online (not for the squeamish)

In an interesting communications exercise, Fraser Health posted today (December 13) play-by-play updates about a brain surgery on Facebook and Twitter.

Obviously, the surgery wasn't happening live. The regional health authority invited people into the "virtual operating room" to follow a left frontal craniotomy to remove a tumour. The procedure was conducted by Dr. Mark Matishak, a neurosurgeon at Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster.

Fortunately, if you missed the "live" tweets, Fraser Health also posted video highlights of the operation on YouTube. #5 is my favourite clip. (Warning: graphic images.)

1. Anchoring the head

2. Reviewing the MRI scan

3. Tracing registration marks

4. Haircutting

5. Removing part of the skull

6. Cutting using a microscope

7. Removing the tumour

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