Homeless in Vancouver: Hazmat "situation" on West Broadway

At 11 a.m. emergency sirens converged on the northeast corner of West Broadway and Granville Street.

Three fire and emergency response trucks—two with ladders—and two hazmat-response team trucks pulled up by the RBC building, and oodles of emergency responders piled out, some carrying orange traffic cones and others with yards of orange caution tape.

Big response. Big emergency?

Setting up the hazardous materials perimeter.
Stanley Q. Woodvine

Their first response was to tape off over half the north side of the 1400 block of West Broadway, but quickly their focus narrowed to something in the alley.

Whatever it is was, it may have been small. They carried in a Lucite box, the size of a large microwave, that looked as though it had gloved openings like a portable version of what you might use in a lab to manipulate something dangerous. Then two guys went in the alley wearing full hazmat suits.

At about 12:35 p.m. two responders carried the Lucite box out of the lane and put it into one of the hazmat trucks; it wasn’t obvious if there was anything in the box.

Then, quick as a wink, they cleaned up the tape and traffic cones and cleared out. 

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Any update on what this was? I saw this this morning and wondered.
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@ Dan
It was cocaine.
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