Blast from the past: Bill Vander Zalm campaign ads for the NPA

B.C. political pundit Bernard von Schulman posted three Vancouver NPA ads from 1984 on his website today. 

Two of them feature the mayoral candidate, Bill Vander Zalm, who was soundly defeated by the incumbent, Mike Harcourt.

The ad below takes a shot at Harcourt and COPE.

If you look closely at the final frame, you'll see former mayor and premier Gordon Campbell second from the left near the end of the line.

Less than two years later, Vander Zalm put that behind him by winning the Social Credit leadership and getting elected premier.

Harcourt went on to become the B.C. NDP leader in 1987 and was elected premier in 1991.

Both Vander Zalm and Harcourt announced their resignations as premier before their first terms had expired.

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