AirCare test fees going down in 2014

In just over a year, AirCare will be no more. The vehicle emissions inspection program has a going-away present for B.C. drivers.

AirCare has announced that it's slashing test fees in 2014. On January 1, 2014, the fee for 1992-and-newer vehicles will be lowered from $45 to $36. Fees for 1991-and-older vehicles and for re-inspections will stay at $23.

The 1992-and-newer vehicles test fee will go down $2 each successive month, bringing it to $14 in December 2014. The fee for 1991-and-older vehicles and re-inspections will decrease by $1 a month, until it's $12 in December 2014.

AirCare says it's reducing fees in response to a provincial government request. In 2012, the B.C. Liberal government decided to phase out emissions testing for light-duty vehicles.

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Ummm .. what? I don't get it.

How can they rationalize a $2 per month reduction in test fees? Why would the test fee be lower in September (for example) than January?

If there is any rationale at all behind the test fee (unlikely), then the fee should be consistent ... right?
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