Homeless in Vancouver: Suspicious characters seen in Fairview

An upscale neighbourhood like Fairview always has to be on guard against ne’er-do-wells.

They can be anywhere: on the streets, in the back alleys—even on the roofs.

And that’s exactly where I spotted these very suspicious-looking characters—on the roof of an apartment building at West 12th Avenue and Hemlock Street.

All ready to make your escape Claus?

Stanley Q. Woodvine

Very colourfully dressed for footpads you may say, but hiding in plain sight I say! They’re clearly up to no good. Not only are they geared to grab bags of swag, but they’ve left the motors running so they can make a quick aerial getaway.

And talk about cheek. They’re smiling and waving. You can just imagine what they’re saying:

“Thanks for all the presents. Mwaahaahaa!”

Stanley Q. Woodvine
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