Breaking news: Milan Lucic still loves Vancouver

Earlier this week, Boston Bruins left-winger and Vancouver native Milan Lucic informed the world he had "no reason left to defend my city and the people in my city". The hockey player was feeling "disgusted and outraged" with Canucks fans after being allegedly attacked in the Granville entertainment district.

Now, Lucic wants everyone to know he doesn't have a total hate-on for Vancouver. In a statement posted today (December 18) on the Bruins website, Lucic said:

This has been a very difficult week for me given the recent events that took place in my hometown of Vancouver. As I have had more time to think I want to make it clear that regardless of what has happened, I am still - and always will be - proud to be from there. It is home. While the actions of a few individuals have deeply upset me and will impact the time I spend downtown going forward, I will not let those incidents diminish the love and pride I have for the city as a whole. This will be my final comment on this subject.

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