John Baird: "Let us replace accountability with corruption!"

Sometimes, readers insert links to amusing videos in comments underneath serious political articles.

Because people don't always look at the comments, these videos don't get the attention they deserve.

Such is the case with a video mentioned below a recent article concerning Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.

If you want to read Baird's idiotic comments about Edward Snowden and Amnesty International, go here.

But if you just want to see Baird acting like an idiot in Parliament, hit the play button above.

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Thanks Charlie
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Yep not another slip of the tounge they always say what they mean.

For some reason when they slip up like this people self correct their statement automatically thinking no he meant to say the reverse. No he said what he said no need for self correction.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff always belted out contradictions during question period and most people said he was a great orator?
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