Jesus Christ, look at that Big Ass Spider!

Although it could never outrank Bert I. Gordon’s Earth vs. the Spider as the best in its field, Big Ass Spider! looks pretty good judging from the opening three minutes posted online today.

Behold as Los Angeles awakens to attack by gargantuan arachnid, all set to a rather lovely version of Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” by… I dunno who.

Big Ass Spider! and its gimmicky title hit the Blu-ray on January 7. Steve Newton has been informed.

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Alex T
The main plot line is okay, but the romance sub-plot is creepy as hell as our idiot man-child protagonist leers and hits on every woman in sight, especially after they make it abundantly clear he's unwelcome. At one point, a woman is tied down with deadly spiders about to kill her when our "hero", the only person able to save her, stops all work to try to make out with her. Ugh, goes from harassing to rapey.

But of course women in movies are just walking t&a for the hero so a few short hours after meeting him, women are folding him in their arms.

Guys, don't be that jerk.
Rating: +2
Martin Dunphy
That trailer owes everything to a few creative video-game ads of the past few years.
I'm sure it's the apex experience of this cheapie.
Rating: -1
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