Homeless in Vancouver: Where did I park my damn bike and trailer?

The trick is to kick the larger piles of snow until I find it.

If one of them turns out to be a hypothermic panhandler, I just hope my childhood St. John Ambulance trainingkicks in.

I’d say that binning through the back alleys of Fairview was “tough sledding”, but frankly a sled would have been perfect.

My rig was actually fine on straightaways and downhill; uphill was the only problem.

It’s after 4:30 p.m. The temperature is 2° C. The snow has turned to a faint freezing drizzle.

The main streets are glistening wet. I don’t believe we reached our forecast high of 5° C.

If we’re too far on the wrong side of our forecast low of 3° C, then the morning streets could be icy.

Maybe I’ll sleep in. Oh, tomorrow is Saturday? Definitely I’ll sleep in.

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Take care Stanley especially in this snow!
Hope you got a good sleep.
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