Alleged Photo of the Day: Vancouverites don't know how to deal with snow

Once again proving that Vancouverites are unprepared to handle the lightest of snowfalls in the country, this photo was allegedly taken in the Granville Entertainment District last night when rowdy clubgoers clashed with police for no apparent reason after a snowball fight turned ugly.

Tauntaun rentals skyrocketed while homeless people flooded Echo Base in record numbers, filling it to maximum capacity and overwhelming Rebel forces.

Snow leopard attacks (senior cougars) were also reported by young men in the area while B.C. conservation officers received a flurry of calls about polar bear sightings in the Davie Village. 

Rumours of a Wampa witnessed at the Pumpjack have not yet been confirmed. Experts believe it was probably just an elderly, greying Sasquatch or an immigrant Yeti.

Production has been temporarily suspended on the reality TV series The Real Igloowives of Vancouver due to the extreme weather conditions.

Further news will be reported as this story underdevelops.

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Don't laugh. My bicycle and I became hopelessly stuck on the way home from clubbing and we had to wait two hours for a tow truck. Fortunately, I was able to hunker down in a nearby Starbucks until emergency help arrived.
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may the farce be with you
may the farce be with you
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