Chuck Norris out-epic splits Van Damme for Christmas

Since martial arts movie stars can't travel the music-competition-TV-show judge route for a career revival, it looks like the newest trend is to make a mindblowing viral video commercial.

We first saw Jean-Claude Van Damme forge this path with by doing an Epic Split between two trucks (driving backwards at that) in a Volvo ad. It seemed impossible for anyone to top that stunt.

But Rob Ford quickly blew him out of the water. (Sort of.)

Now, the 73-year-old Chuck Norris has upped the ante with even more Epic Splits, complete with a monologue from Shakespeare's Hamlet and an inverted human pyramid.

Norris had some help from Hungarian creative agency Delov Digital. (And a little CGI.)

Steven Seagal is probably next in line. But really, we're just waiting for Jackie Chan, Jet Li, or Michelle Yeoh to kick all of their asses and show who's really boss.

In the end, the one who probably really wins from all of this is Enya.

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The Epic Splits are put side by side in this video.
Rating: -8
i think he done it with krav maga help
Rating: -2
Chuck is so tough when he goes to bed, the lights turn themselves out.

Rating: -4
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