The Christmas Auteurs (and a dose of Yuletide evil)

Well, there's only me and an army of janitors left here as the Straight packs up for the holiday season. 

As a final gift to you, dear reader, please enjoy this fine short video by Fourgroundsmediainc—"The Christmas Auteurs"—in which Yuletide is considered through the lens of some our favourite filmmakers.

We're giving top marks for the Wes Anderson, the Scorsese, and the Lars Von Trier.

 If that's not enough for you, here's my personal pick for a toasty family film night.

Lewis Jackson's charming 1980 slasher flick, Christmas Evil, is available in its entirety on YouTube. Make it through all the vintage '80s gore and you'll be treated to one of the most reckless and insane climaxes in cinema history.

It's a big, big favourite around my house, especially with the eight-year-old.

Happy holidays!



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Bob Gagnon
Only Georgia Strait would post this stuff!
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