BBC Newsnight takes viewers inside Femen boot camp

The Paris-based sextremist group Femen says it's against the sexualization and objectification of women.

But to achieve this goal, its members go topless in front of the cameras and shout political slogans decrying organized religion, political tyranny, homophobia, and sexism.

So have Femen members become sex objects even though they so vehemently declare that they're opposed to patriarchy?

This is one of the questions explored in a BBC Newsnight documentary, which takes viewers inside a Femen boot camp.

Check it out by watching the video above. It's one of the more thought-provoking examinations of Femen that you'll find on the Internet.

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Its just a matter of time before Femen goes too far and hurts someone.
Rating: -9
Please explain this 'femen". Is that a female man?
Rating: -4
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