German police seek churchgoer who struck topless Femen protester

These days in Europe, the antipatriarchal and antireligious group Femen seems to be in the news almost every day.

According to the German newspaper Bild, police in Cologne are on the lookout for a man who attacked one of Femen's topless protesters during Christmas Mass at the Cathedral Kolner Dom.

Josephine Witt stormed the pulpit and pulled off most of her clothes, revealing the slogan "I AM GOD" across her breasts and stomach.

That prompted one parishioner to smack Witt across the head as she was being dragged out of the church.

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Ben Sili
Of course she is the victim... LOL
Rating: -7
I'm always shocked by the violence that these rather small women get from men trying to stop them.
Every time Femen protests they are restrained using over the top violence involving many more men than protestors.

BTW Charlie saying the man's actions was because he had "too much to stomach" is excusing his violence.
She being restrained, had her arms up and was no threat to him.
It was a cowardly act and I hope he goes to jail.
Rating: -5
Charlie Smith
Hi Cathy,

Good point. I inserted the word "stomach" in two consecutive sentences as a way to connect the two events. I deleted the second reference as a result of what you've written. His actions were cowardly and don't deserve any sugar-coating from a writer who was thinking too much about the flow of the sentences and not enough about the violence inflicted on the demonstrator.

Charlie Smith
Rating: -5
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