Homeless in Vancouver: Top 10 New Year's revolutions for 2014

  1. Follow my own advice and sometimes help people I do not like.
  2. Try to be nicer to people who are not nice.
  3. Be nicer to everyone by finding a shower at least once every three days.
  4. Check out the UBC dental clinic at the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Centre at VGH.
  5. Do not be rude to elderly people collecting bottles (except that one guy).
  6. Find some better alternate sleeping spots—and one with a plug-in.
  7. Improve my math skills. Really! They embarrass me.
  8. Do one thing a month toward getting myself off the street.
  9. Challenge my assumptions and admit my weaknesses (see #7).
  10. Do a better job of proofreading my posts.
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Alan Layton
That's a pretty big list, but hopefully doable.
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