Ultimate Gay Fighter game to kick ass on iPhone and Android

What do you get when you cross Street Fighter with Mortal Kombat, and throw in some rainbows, unicorns, and "gaytalities"?

Why, Ultimate Gay Fighter, of course. Billed as the "world's first ever gay video game", Ultimate Gay Fighter is being developed by Handsome Woman Productions. The mobile game is set to hit iPhone and Android this month.

Instead of Chun-Li and Sub-Zero, the cast of characters includes Sappho Ethridge, a "no nonsense lesbian"; the bisexual Jacqlyn Daniels; Bardwell, "king of the leather bars"; and others. They'll all square off for the title of Gay Fight champion in a tournament staged by the homophobic League of Oppressive Self-Righteous Zealots (LOSRZ).

Developer Michael Patrick says Ultimate Gay Fighter started off as a joke, but then became a way to represent gay folks outside of the straight lens used by the mainstream media. "This game is my love letter to my gay family," Patrick states in a press kit.

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This whole gay bashing attitude has gone way over the top. ;-) Ps. I dare anyone to challenge this post!
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