Tiger Mom Amy Chua ridiculed by Taiwan's clever animators

Some of the commenters on Straight.com went a little berserk after we reported that the world's best known Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, was back with a new book.

This time, the Yale University law professor has collaborated with her husband, Jed Rubenfeld, on The Triple Package, which explains why they believe that eight cultural groups are more successful than all the others.

Here's how a man named Mark responded: "I feel sorry for the students of these Yale lecturers who don't fit the racial profile of what they consider will make a successful American."

Michael T., who calls himself a former Mormon high priest, put it this way: "I take it personally and resent the inclusion of Mormons into her group of superiors. Fifty-nine years of Mormonism made me stupid, and at 64 years of age, I do not have the ability to make up for lost time."

But sometimes, the best response is humour to silly generalizations based on race or religion.

If proponents of ethnic superiority are made to look ridiculous, it takes away their power.

That's the preferred tactic of Taiwan's Next Media Animation, as you can see in the video above.

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