Amy Chua inspires a Twitter firestorm from those hoping to end stereotyping Asian moms

The Yale University law professor who bragged about being a tough Chinese American mom has inadvertently inspired a Twitter revolution against her manifesto.

Amy Chua is the author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

She's also coauthor of a new book on ethnic and racial differences that has generated ridicule and outrage.

Freelance writer Suey Park launched a new hashtag #NotYourAsianTigerMom to celebrate her mom on her birthday.

She previously created #NotYourAsianSidekick to demolish stereotypes about women of Asian descent.

The NotYourAsianTigerMom hashtag prompted others to express how their mothers don't fit Chua's stereotypical portrait.

Here are just a few of the tweets.

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Lucie Loo
Some people are so desperate for "the revolution" they declare one is happening after every tweet these days. Well only from approved groups I suppose. I'm sure Ms. Chua is shaking in her boots.
This online sampling is hardly spontaneous, as even you note, these samples of opinion are from an already activized constituency of "ethnic studies" disciples and other similar race obsessed zealots.
Rating: -9
Matt e
More liberal attempts to destroy culture. Make all the hard working, cultured, respectable ethnic women who care and work so hard for their families into lazy slovenly entitled primarily white western women who expect their entire lives to be happy regardless of long term outcome, which funny enough is usually general unhappiness.
Rating: -13
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