Stupid Rex Murphy quote of the month: Protest is a “moral disease”

CBC commentator Rex Murphy hasn't won many fans among activists of the left-wing persuasion with his climate-change denial, dismissal of Canada's genocide against First Nations, and other right-wing ramblings.

Those activists probably won't appreciate the Stupid Rex Murphy Quote of the Month, from his latest column in the National Post:

I truly believe that the act of protest has, in many contexts, become something of a moral disease.

I'll save you the trouble of reading the column, which takes on the protests at PiDGiN restaurant in the Downtown Eastside. As Murphy tells it, a "heroic restauranteur" faced down "social activist bullies" in "Vancouver’s most squalid and threatening area" and won.

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Martin Dunphy
The only "sic-ness" I see anyone suffering from is Murphy and his NP editors' lack of misspelling antibodies: "restauranteur"?
Rating: -7
James Smith
Mindless, reactionist protesting is bordering on a moral disease. For every well intentioned protestor that truly understands the position they are espousing there are 10 more that latch on as part of the "we don't know what exactly we don't like but we want to make noise crowd. This group that feels entitled to make themselves seen crowd out and obscure important legitimate messages. In this context protest serves only to muddy the issues at hand and ensure that constructive conversations can't take place.
Rating: -11
South Park explained the role of civil protest in democracies far better than anyone else ever has, or ever will.

Rating: +7
@ James Smith: Oddly enough, Rex Murphy "feels entitled to make himself seen and obscure important legitimate messages". His rants "serve only to muddy the issues at hand and ensure that constructive conversations can't take place". His own words describe him.

Like his National Post mentor and colleague Conrad Black, Rex Murphy has nothing useful to say. He earns his living by saying stupid things to gullible people, but all in a pseudo-intellectual way that convinces some readers that he's actually smart and well-informed. He is neither. Never has been.
Rating: +25
Tom folkestone
Rex is a senile old joke of a man. The hot air coming out of my ass has greater moral weight.
Rating: +12
I don't like to be saved the trouble of reading interesting articles so I did click on that link and suggest you do as well - the comments are particularly thought-provoking.

Murphy's one-liner is asinine sure (protest reveals not disease but awareness, activity, spirit!) but the article and comments reinforce the impression that the Pidgin protest was a waste of the protestors' time and energy, that it made the owner seem like a victim of the absurdly politically correct rather than a nasty gentrifier, and that it was utter scapegoating. All in all, it was a thoroughly ridiculous footnote in Vancouver history.
Rating: +19
Dear Rex: That 'moral disease' brought you labour laws, unions, women's right to vote, the abolition of slaverey, the protection of old growth ecosystems.... The list goes on. Protest IS Democracy. Anyone who says different is selling something.
Rating: +14
Diana Schroeder
Rex Murphy needs to understand that every one of the protesters represent about 10 others who can not attend because of other commitments. He also has to understand that protesting is a moral obligation to our fellow citizens and that if it weren't important, we wouldn't bother. He's lucky we aren't violent.
Rating: +5
Murphy is just putting his spin on an extreme right wing view in the States that anyone interested in social justice issues has a mental illness.
Nothing new here from Murphy-same ol' b.s.
Rating: -2
people like Rex need a media expiry date of some kind...
Rating: +2
Brian Seaman
Loath though I am to say I agree with Rex Murphy (I usually don't), I am glad I took the time to read his entire column. I don't understand why people would be targeting this restaurant owner either.
Rating: +12
Out of context
Rex's article is a good one, and legitimate. Stephen Hui's article, well... it sucks. Try harder young man.

Stephan, you did do a good job at blowing Rex's accurate comment out of context, so there's that.
Rating: -8
Alan Layton
I would put more weight in to what Murphy has to say than Stephen Hui.
Rating: -6
I see that someone has gotten their PR team to rush to the rescue with some substance-free "you suck, your article sucks" comments. I'm amazed that those even get allowed, considering that they're pure noise.

And Brian Seaman, if you don't understand why protesters might target that restaurant, perhaps you should...I don't know...ASK THEM, maybe? Apparently you think that unnecessary, since you act like you can get better information from a columnist back East than you can from the people who were actually there with actual grievances.
Rating: -6

I know right, why are comments allowed? In your world, a legal business that opened in a long empty building must not be allowed either. They forced you to picket the building and harass the clients with flashlights and cries of "yuppy scum."

As for why it was targeted, who knows? Rainier Provisions is half a block away and never got a sniff of protest (a sniff of the endemic urine issue, yes, but that's just local colour). Wendy Pederson herself was asked that very question and could only suggest watching a 20 minute video, which to my mind counts as a nonanswer.

Rex Murphy is a derp's derp but even a stopped clock is right twice a day!
Rating: +4
Diana Schroeder
"Rex Murphy needs to understand that every one of the protesters represent about 10 others who can not attend because of other commitments."

Right...and Stockwell Day has lots of gay friends, they just are never seen with him, or near him, or on his Facebook account.

Until you get feet in the street, they dont exist.

Shall we let you win an election on the basis of how many votes you think you would have received ?

I mean, flippin' really.

"He also has to understand that protesting is a moral obligation to our fellow citizens and that if it weren't important, we wouldn't bother"

Stating your opinion as fact doesnt make it so.

Protesting may be moral, it may be not. Ethics and morals generally being subjective and all.

If pipeline supporters decide that protesting outside the Sierra Club is moral, will you concede that action is moral? Doubt it. That much self reflection would likely overload your thought process.

"He's lucky we aren't violent"

You are just as bad as those NRA types that have this fantasy that they are going to take on the federal government and win with their long guns.

I have no tolerance or use for middle class Western pseudo-revolutionairies. Its cowardice.

Lucky "you" arent violent?

"You" and the gang wouldnt even last against a handful of non riot squad VPD rookies, without their sidearms, let alone the Canadian Forces.

You want to act like a revolutionary badass? Pick up a weapon, and lead. If you have the support you claim, people wlll follow. Even if they dont, since you obviously believe that your cause is just, why would it matter?

I know why. Because all your big talk is just a sophmoric Internet tough guy/girl act, and at the end of the day, you wont actually risk your safety, freedom, or even life despite intimating that you would.

Rating: +1
You are exactly the type Rex is referencing.
Rating: 0
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