Pope Francis condemns abortion in State of the World address

In his annual State of the World address today (January 13), Pope Francis made some unsurprising remarks condeming the practice of abortion.

Referring to what he calls “the throwaway culture”, he said, "Unfortunately, what is thrown away is not only food and dispensable objects, but often human beings themselves, who are discarded as 'unnecessary'. For example, it is frightful even to think there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day."

This will likely be considered good news to anti-choice activists, particularly in the U.S., who continue to lobby the government about their perceived right to harass women entering abortion clinics, use brain-dead women as incubators against their dying wishes, and advocate for the closure of abortion clinics entirely.

Studies have found that one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime.

In the same address, he condemned poverty and a lack of adequate nutrition for people world-wide.

This follows a call he made to mothers on January 12, encouraging them to breast-feed their children during his services.

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Sorry - personally, I think Pope Francis has jumped the shark...
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Who cares what this guy has to say. All he wants is your donations to his church.
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