#Bieberomelette: Does being egged make you an egger?

There's plenty of research showing that many victims of bullying end up becoming bullies themselves.

Is it also possible that those victimized by egging turn out to be eggers?

It's a question fans of Justin Bieber may want to ponder as their hero is being tarnished with barbs from late-night comedians for his latest controversy.

Yesterday, Los Angeles Sheriff's Office deputies descended on Bieber's mansion in a draconian probe to determine if the 19-year-old gazillionare egged his neighbour's home.

In California, that's a felony offence.

Now, check out the video above. It shows the Biebs being pelted with eggs at a concert in Sydney, Australia, in April 2011.

Cause and effect?

Surely, there's an expert witness somewhere who can be hired to get this across to a California jury.

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