Liquor store worker creates “Women of the Straight” mural

Lots of businesses in Metro Vancouver receive copies of the Georgia Straight every week. One of them is Rhino's liquor store in Coquitlam.

Rene Surya is an employee of the store, and he wrote in to let us know what he's been doing with our newspaper since early 2013 (aside from reading the horoscope and I Saw You).

"As you know the paper often features many attractive women throughout various advertisements and articles," Surya said in an email. "What struck me most about these women was that not all of them are your glamoured models but also everyday women you may see throughout the city."

So, Surya started "cutting out random women" from the paper and pasting them onto the door to the refrigerated section in the back of the store.

"I was careful to post only 'appropriate' pictures so as not to offend any of the female staff," Surya wrote. "To my surprise not only did the guys love it, but the girls also looked forward to seeing the new weekly additions I would post up. So last year what started as a random picture here and there has turned into a completely covered door all of women from the Georgia Straight. Every single lady is a cutting from your paper. It's taken almost a year but there's no space left on the door."

Well, you can see the result. What do you think of Surya's "Women of the Straight" mural?

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Kayle Wesseling
Love it!! Im one of the female staff at rhinosand its always fun to see is mural grow. The ladies getting jealous and thinking of starting a man one on the other door lol
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