The not so Fantastic Four

B-movie grandad Roger Corman apparently gave his tacit support to bootlegging in a tweet he sent out today.

The occasion was the appearance late last week of the trailer for Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four.

Corman produced the now legendary, never released film in 1994. After holding on to the rights for a decade, German company Neue Constantin was forced to either make The Fantastic Four or lose its option on the Marvel title. Corman helped out with a super cheap quickie—but it was never intended for public consumption.

This didn't stop anyone from generating publicity for the decoy film. When set reports turned up in magazines like Film Threat, the somewhat charming crumminess of the enterprise was too delicious to ignore. It's been pirated to death ever since.

Constantin managed to retain the rights, and finally turned The Fantastic Four into a blockbuster in 2005, starring the Commish. But the '94 version is waaay better.



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