Want to quit smoking? Check out this infographic

National Non-Smoking Week is coming up, from January 19 to 25.

Pacific Blue Cross, a nonprofit insurer, put together the following infographic featuring facts about quitting smoking.

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So that's why we see so many addicted drug users - they don't have a handy Infographic!

I'll bet if we plastered the DES with Infographics, addiction would plummet.
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I find it amusing that Serbia consumes 3 times the number of cigarettes but has a similar life expectancy to that of Canada despite spending way less per capita on healthcare; and having a notoriously broken and corrupt healthcare system.

The fight against smoking and smokers is ideological. There's plenty of other ways to kill yourself and hurt others - alcohol, fast-food, SUVs, Chinese smog created by our cheap consumer goods, skydiving, long-boarding, driving a car, and it's all considered okay.

People forget that smoking is pleasurable, the activity is enjoyed by many people who don't care that they're hurting themselves, just as people drink soda and eat fast food. You gotta die one way or another; may as well have fun on the way out.

I'm so fucking sick of major players pumping tons of money into promoting a puritanical, myopic view that ignores an amazing fact: people have been using tobacco for thousands of years.

Until the last century, people didn't *expect* to live until their 90s. These days, if you don't aspire to be a centarian you're practically classified as a public health threat.
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