Homeless in Vancouver: Spider-Man Spider-fan unmasked

This is Edem.

He came into the McDonald’s around the corner from South Granville wearing a brilliant Spider-Man hoodie, which he said he bought downtown at a comic shop on North Granville Street.

Not only that… he was wearing toe shoes, which are not the same as ninja tabi-shoes but still very cool.

Should've asked why Spidey doesn't have a website!

Edem really is a Spider-Man fan.

He told me his favourite Spidey artist was John Romita, Jr., who followed in the giant footsteps of his comic-book-artist father John Romita, Sr. 

His clean-cut style was credited with cementing The Amazing Spider-Man as Marvel’s flagship title after the originating Spider-Man artist and co-creator Steve Ditko left the strip and Marvel Comics in a huff in 1966. 

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Martin Dunphy
How ever did you get up on the ceiling with him?
Rating: +4
Alan Layton
Lol. I just noticed that he's on the ceiling. Good one :)
Rating: -4
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