Purses for guns are the height of fashion

Are you caught in that familiar quandary of needing to carry your concealed handgun to the theatre on opening night but realizing that you have nothing in the way of evening holsters/bags to match that elegant black strapless number you just bought?

If you live in Canada, this probably doesn’t occur to you very often (unless you’re gunning for theatre critics).

In the States, however, it supports an industry.

We’ve given up wondering why certain news releases cross our desk or end up in our inbox, but we thought we’d share this delightful missive.

Pistolpacknmama.com is a Texas-based (where else?) online company that retails concealed-carry handbags “designed by women for women”. Now, according to a January 23 news release, their products “have migrated into the arena of high fashion”.

“No longer does a woman need to include an unflattering addition to her ensemble to carry a concealed weapon,” the release gushes. “Now beautiful vintage wearable art can be used to complement her fashionable attire and allow her to carry her weapon of choice.”

The styles range from “evening pouches to traditional totes to classic everyday handbags…Some bags are designed to carry a smaller semi-automatic, while others can accommodate any size of weapon.” (Good to know for those heavy-calibre days.)

Because the concealed compartment is at the back of the handbag and next to the wearer’s body, “this allows the wearer to have easy access to the weapon by having a hand on the handle of the weapon without indicating this to other people.”

How chic. One can actually be fashionably brandishing one’s gun at all times without anyone noticing. (Check state firearms regulations. Please keep finger off trigger and refrain from quick applause.)

Our favourite style? It’s a tough choice, but we would have to go with the cute $135 bag fashioned like a retro child’s school book bag.

It’s name? The “School Girl”.

No. Not a joke.

The “School Girl” concealed-carry handbag.
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Smith and Wesson brought out a "Ladysmith" gun a few years ago. It's pink!
Rating: +1
Miranda Nelson
You can also buy custom (pink) Hello Kitty AK-47s. I shake my head.
Rating: -10
John C.
In Canada you have concealed cellphones with 911 on speed dial. Along with a card indicating your bliood type and next of kin. You do need to prove to the local police that you need one though - so far only politicians seem to have concealed 911 permits.
Rating: -9
Graham W.
I guess that up here in Canada the wives of the ordinary guy are not as important as those of our politicians.
Rating: -1
"One can actually be fashionably brandishing one’s gun at all times without anyone noticing."
The author of this article needs to spend some quality time with a dictionary. He makes light of the idea of purses with concealed weapon areas for women to legally have a handgun with them at all times and keep it concealed and yet describes this as "brandishing". Strangely enough merriam-webster.com states that brandish is defined as "to shake or wave (as a weapon) menacingly" and "to exhibit in an ostentatious or aggressive manner", neither of these explanations fit the bill when discussing the purses. His word choice is just his subtle way of making legal conceal carrying women look unstable and dangerous. His Anti-2nd Amendment streak quickly shines through.
Rating: -14
Martin Dunphy

No flies on you!
Rating: -11
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