Should Mount Seymour’s second peak be named after Tim Jones?

While Lower Mainland residents prepare to say a final goodbye to Tim Jones this weekend, some members of the outdoor-recreation community are talking about ways to honour the much-admired North Shore Rescue team leader.

Last Sunday (January 19), Jones died on Mount Seymour, where the paramedic helped save many lives over the years. A march and memorial service will take place in North Vancouver on Saturday (January 25).

On ClubTread, an outdoors community site, several people have suggested that the second peak of Mount Seymour be named after Jones. Often referred to as the Second Pump, that 1,425-metre summit doesn't have a formal name. (The first and third peaks are officially called Pump Peak and Mount Seymour, respectively.)

"Many of the more difficult rescues Tim has been involved with have been in that general area. I for one would certainly be happy to see 2nd Peak be named Jones Peak instead," one ClubTread member wrote in a discussion thread about Jones's death.

On Bivouac, an online database of Canadian mountains, Jones Peak has already been added as an unofficial name for the second peak of Mount Seymour.

North Shore Rescue team leader Tim Jones died on Mount Seymour.

According to B.C.'s geographical naming policy, proposals for commemorative placenames may be considered as early as two years after the death of the person to be honoured. Such a proposal can't be made by the family of the deceased, but may be submitted by "any interested individual or group of persons".

"Where use of a personal name is for commemoration, the person(s) should have contributed significantly to the area where the feature is located, or to the Province, and the proponent must demonstrate that such contribution is recognized by the general public," the policy states.

A proposal to name Jones Peak would have to be made in writing to the Geographical Names Office in the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The naming policy says that any proposal will be investigated and the proponent will be notified of the office's decision.

Would you like to see Mount Seymour’s second peak named in honour of Tim Jones?

Yes 88%
328 votes
No 8%
30 votes
Undecided 4%
16 votes
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This is...
.... a no brainer!
Rating: +10
This guy has saved over a 1000 lives..... They should name a whole mountain after this guy!!! RIP in Tim! You are a true hero!!!!
Rating: +15
Paul Chiasson
Yes! A great man that is well deserving of such an honour.
Rating: +14
Alan Layton
Rating: +6
Hey, 2 of the 4 piss ants who "dissed" these comments have disappeared. What? Reading hurts too much? Duck Dynasty on TV? Or "the bibs"? Cause we know where your grey matter lies!
Rating: 0
That would be an amazing way to ensure a monument of the community literally will remain forever more.
Rating: +8
sebastien boucher
Rating: +1
Gail Rodgers
That whole area should be renamed for Tim Jones, the mountain man.Tim you can rest now,your work is done.
Rating: 0
p lg
Of course it should. Tim did good and I'm sure he would deflect most of these accolades off to his team who are out there endangering their lives to save others when called. To all the volunteer rescue teams in this province my grateful thanks.

Perhaps this "family" day, we acknowledge all those who sacrifice their time away from their own family for others in the community. Front and centre should be all those volunteers of search and rescue teams, those on the water and on the land. Bravo to the lot of them!

Christy, are you listening?
Rating: 0
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