Plenty of emergency-services personnel at memorial for Tim Jones

Firefighers, police, ambulance personnel, and search and rescue volunteers were out in large numbers this morning for the memorial for Tim Jones in North Vancouver.

He was the 57-year-old leader of North Shore Rescue who died suddenly on January 19.

The service will soon begin at Centennial Theatre.

It follows a procession through the city.

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An unfortunate use of the word "pageantry" in the headline. It implies pomp and circumstance, rather than grief and mourning.

Nor was this a "parade" as some media organizations have described it. It was a funeral march, typical of those held for many other first responders over the years, all over the world.

I didn't know Tim Jones, but from what I've read of him, pageants and parades would not have been among his last choices.
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Charlie Smith

In response to your comment, I had adjusted the headline to remove the word "pageantry".

Charlie Smith
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