Justin Bieber wasn't drag racing in Miami Beach

Poor Justin Bieber.

The 19-year-old kid has become one of the media's favourite whipping boys, especially since his recent arrest for "drag racing" in Miami Beach.

Lo and behold, it doesn't appear as though the Canadian pop star was actually driving that quickly when he was busted in the early hours of January 23.

According to TMZ, surveillance video reveals that he was doing 27 miles per hour in a Lamborghini.

His friend was driving behind him at the same speed in a Ferrari.

An SUV moving alongside them made it impossible for anyone to pass.

The Biebs is charged with impaired driving, driving with an expired licence, and resisting arrest.

He's free on a $2,500 bond.

We wonder if the cops would have even stopped him had he been behind the wheel of a Honda Civic.

Maybe it's time for Justin to trade down.

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Impaired driving
Whatever speed you are going, if you've been drinking and taking drugs (illegal or legal) the way you drive carelessly will likely show. Would you rather they leave Bieber alone, or risk him running someone down? I personally would not want to be hit by a drunk driver no matter what speed he's driving. Thank goodness he was in a Lambo, and got attention so he could be stopped. Had he been in a 1989 Honda Civic, he might have gone under the radar and seriously harmed someone. I say kudos to the cops.
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Not with reference to this article, of course, but I'm amazed by the general tone of media coverage of Bieber.

What I see most days is intense, savage bullying behaviour - the kind we all condemn when it's directed at an "innocent". And we all cry our hearts out when the bullied person, most often a girl, kills herself. Boo hoo.

But hey, it's different if you're a rich kid, right? Somehow, you "deserve" the same insults and contempt if you're famous. You're fair game then ... even though you became rich and famous because of others. Doesn't matter.

It's just like the pretty, popular girl in high school. How dare she be what she is? Bully her. Insult her. Lie about her. Take the bitch down! She is scum ... just because I'm not rich, famous and popular. Take dat bitch down to where I be!

Don't like Bieber's music? Me neither. But if you think that makes him a low-life who actually deserves an early death - and that's a common view on the interwebs - I hope you never, ever have children. You're not fit to be an adult, let alone a parent.
Rating: +8
Totally agree with David H.
You said it, David H. Thank you for saying it. It's despicable how hypocritical people are on this subject. And that popular pretty girl being bullied? It's not just happening at school. When an attractive popular woman goes into the workforce, she is also bullied and ostracized--by insecure jealous women occupying all steps of the corporate ladder. Years ago, I knew one slim nice woman capable and hardworking who was treated horribly by her overweight female co-workers and overweight female bosses. The tormentors bonded over their weight and made bitchy cracks about the naturally slim woman's body all the time. Wonder what happened to her. Time to stop the bullying of everyone and to take people seriously when they report it.
Rating: +6
David H doesn't get it
you miss the whole point. The media and public are sick of him and out for blood because has been using his position as a rich star to act like an entitled asshole. The drag race is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you think if he did not have millions of dollars and a entourage he would piss in a wash bucket that someone would have to clean? Would he drive around his neighbourhood like a maniac, scaring his neighbours? would he do $20,000 damage to his neighbours home with eggs? He is not being pilloried because he is rich and famous. he is being pilloried because he feels he can act like an asshole with immunity because he is rich and famous. You obviously are a closet Belieber. Might be time to take your head out of your ass.
Rating: 0
popular pretty girl being bullied? what the fuck are you talking about. This entitled shit drank, smoked pot, took prescription drugs then got behind the wheel of a high powered sports car. I don't care if he was going 5 miles an hour or 500 miles an hour. He could have killed someone. Sorry..what does this have to do with an overweight person being bullied? You are mixing your personal bullshit in with this. Get therapy or something.
Rating: -3
all is lie
you've collected in your head all the nonsense that tabloids compose about him.
Rating: -6
Did you actually read this?
To WTF: are you actually reading all the posts here to see the context or having a knee-jerk reaction?
Rating: -3
p lg
Bieber doesn't need to "trade down" he needs to tone down and his "friends" need to make sure this kid gets some professional help.

I hope the judge sends him to rehab and gives him 100 hours in an orange jump suit picking up the garbage that litters the streets of Miami Beach. Now there's something for TMZ titillate about.
Rating: -4
To the commenter who strangely used the name "David H doesn't get it":

"The media and public are sick of him and out for blood because has been using his position as a rich star to act like an entitled asshole." -- No, they're out to get him because in our anonymous world, tearing people down is "fun" and without consequences. Convincing the victim to commit suicide is the ultimate "win". It's a sick game for sick people.

"The drag race is just the tip of the iceberg." -- It wasn't a drag race. 27 mph is not a race, unless you're up against a senior on an electric scooter.

"Do you think if he did not have millions of dollars and a entourage he would piss in a wash bucket that someone would have to clean?" -- Yes, I do. Teenagers piss on fences in front of my house every day. They're not rich.

"Would he drive around his neighbourhood like a maniac, scaring his neighbours?" -- Teenagers in my neighbourhood do that all the time. They're not rich.

"Would he do $20,000 damage to his neighbours home with eggs?" -- Teenagers vandalize homes in my area all the time. They're not rich. And eggs don't cause $20k in damages, no matter how many you throw. The claim is silly.

"Might be time to take your head out of your ass." -- Might be time for you to think and behave like an adult, instead of an emotionally stunted teenager who didn't get proper parenting.
Rating: -6
Y'all Bandwagon Haters (except DavidH)
The validity of Justin Bieber‘s police report is being brought into question after it was revealed that he had a blood alcohol level of .014, TMZ reports.

Apparently, a blood alcohol level of .014 is next to nothing, the publication reports, calling into question the police report which read that the officer “immediately smelled an odor of alcohol emanating from the driver’s breath.” Initially, police had reportedly said that Justin‘s BAC was much higher at .04. The legal level of intoxication is 0.08

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holy fuck
oh yeah, Bieber is a totally typical teenager. I mean, come on. who amongst us does not know a teenager that lives in a mansion, has a room devoted to doing drugs, is addicted to Sizzurp, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on strippers, send pictures of their genitals via text, and drink, smoke pot, take prescription drugs and then drive a 200 thousand dollar car. Totally typical! Pretty much describes every teenager i know.
Rating: -3
look. we just don't understand.
"I feel like the Kurt Cobain of my generation, but people just don't understand me."

actual quote from Justin Bieber, the Kurt Cobain of his generation, who we don't understand.
Rating: -8
@ "look. we just don't understand." -- Ever met a teenager who didn't think he was misunderstood? If so, on what planet?

@ "holy fuck" -- Ever met a teenager who wouldn't live that lifestyle if he became rich and was swarmed by "friends"? If so, on what planet? PS - Did anybody say he was "typical"?

What a couple of thoughtless, shallow losers you guys are. Isn't there a chat room where you guys can bully teenagers and chant for them to kill themselves?
Rating: -11
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