Homeless in Vancouver: Hazy shade of winter indeed

This morning, I work up at 8:30 a.m. to the honking—not of geese or car horns—but of fog horns.

They were slow, sonorous sounds—prehistoric; soothing… When I woke up again two hours later the fog horns were still sounding off.

Too many just for False Creek, I thought.

Given the way fog can work on sound I might have been hearing horns from as far away as the Burrard Inlet on the north side of downtown Vancouver.

Haven't the mistiest idea why it stays

The fog hasn’t really left Vancouver for over a week I think.

Even when it’s clear and sunny in rest of the city, the fog is almost certain to be laying about in the False Creek area.

And I don’t think it’s leased a condo down there or anything. I think it’s fair to say it’s just living rough.

All last evening, overnight and throughout today, the fog spread itself quite thick as it slouched across the Fairview neighbourhood as well as downtown Vancouver, where, as you can see, it was having quite a time painting the town a hazy shade of grey.

Another view of nearly the same thing but with one more traffic light.
Stanley Q. Woodvine
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J. Steinraths
Perhaps it has something to do with the chem trails?
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