Alleged road rage attack on Vancouver cyclist caught in photos

Dramatic photos purportedly showing a driver attacking a cyclist in downtown Vancouver have surfaced on social media.

Uploaded by Facebook user "Lucille Austero", the sequence of images apparently depicts a violent confrontation near the intersection of Hornby and Dunsmuir streets.

Text posted with the pictures describes the incident as involving one man allegedly driving his car at another man on a bike. Following a verbal spat, the driver allegedly roughed up the cyclist (named Edward).

The Facebook account (which we have not verified) states:

The police were called by witnesses and it took 15-30 minutes for them to arrive, during which time the driver was texting and making quiet calls on his phone. Upon arrival, officers proceeded to spend approx 10 minutes talking with the driver while Edward sat alone, bleeding and in shock from his injuries. The first question the police officer asked Edward, before he was allowed to make his statement, was "why weren't you in the bike lane?".

The assault was deemed to be a voluntary fight and police refused to press charges. Various witnesses came forward but the officers did not seem interested in taking statements. The officers then confiscated the various business cards given to Edward by witnesses (one of which was stained with his blood) and let the driver go as they had already decided that the altercation was a "voluntary fight".

At time of writing, the Facebook photo set has been shared over 270 times since being posted on January 25.

Update (2:37 p.m.): The Vancouver Police Department has issued the following statement:

On January 24th, just after 4:00 p.m., police were called to Dunsmuir Street and Burrard Street for an altercation between a cyclist and a motorist.

Officers arrived within 13 minutes. The men had already been separated and were waiting to speak with officers. Police spoke to both men and a number of witnesses, and determined the physical altercation was the result of a disagreement over the use of a bike lane.

Witnesses say the cyclist was in the roadway and was cut off by the motorist, which caused the cyclist to fall off of his bike. It was determined no contact was made between the cyclist and the vehicle.

The cyclist then allegedly attempted to damage the motorist’s car, reaching into the car and throwing property belonging to the motorist all over the road.

Witnesses saw the motorist exit his car and a physical altercation between the two men took place.

Police drove the cyclist to the hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries and released. At this time, after speaking to witnesses about the events leading up and to including the physical altercation, there is insufficient evidence to request a charge against either man.

A number of photos have been distributed on social media depicting the final moments of the physical altercation. This is unfortunate, as the photos appear to paint an incomplete picture of the event. Police take these incidents very seriously, and the photographs will be forwarded to investigators to ensure all aspects of the investigation have been exhausted.

Update (5:29 p.m.): Edward Hoey, the cyclist in the photos, has spoken out about the police response to the incident. Read the story: "Vancouver cyclist in fight with driver disturbed by police response".

Update (January 28, 9:55 a.m.): A video has emerged showing the violent altercation at the conclusion of the incident.

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I shudder to think that should I ever be in the position of the cyclist, people will rush first to their camera phone rather than come to my aid.
Rating: +107
Very irresponsible on the police's behalf to declare this to be "voluntary fighting". The evidence is clear in the photos as well as the eye-witness accounts.
Rating: -5
Good thing he had a helmet on!
Rating: +48
Drivers beating up cyclists is totally unacceptable. I know revenge is no permissible, but when I see this I want to bloody and batter the driver.
Rating: -42
taking pics
People were taking pictures because finally they were witnessing justice. Bike Riders don't own the god damn road.
Rating: -64
Alex B
what right or reason do the police have to confiscate business cards exchanged between witnesses and the cyclist? why do we allow police to make up laws on the spot and as they see fit?
Rating: +94
Vancouver police are pathetic. You can kill someone with a vehicle, and wind up only with a fine.

If this sociopath had threatened someone's life with a gun, would they have let him go on his version of events?

Deliberately striking a cyclist should have been enough to land him in jail on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.
Rating: +7
You should probably avoid reaching into cars and throwing peoples stuff around if you don't want to fight. That being said, I'm sure the driver was less than polite and apologetic about causing the guy to crash.
Rating: +107

Even by their version of events, where "The cyclist then allegedly attempted to damage the motorist’s car", that would compromise property damage but not assault against a person.

Whereas the driver assaulted the cyclist, a much more serious offence.

Where is the "voluntary fight" here? Even if you 100% side with the motorist, he is guilty of vigilantism at the minimum.

Vancouver police are such a joke when it comes to policing motorist behavior.
Rating: +5
@"taking pics"

"Bike Riders don't own the god damn road."

Actually, they do. The roads are paid for primarily through property taxes, which we all pay either directly or through rent.
Rating: +18
Hey "taking pics", is that you in the photos?
Rating: +1
The truly frightening thing is the way the police responded.
Rating: +19
cranky mom
I have said before and I will say it again. Take personal responsibility for your mode of transportation, Feet, wheels, skateboard, car, bike, scooter or motorcycle. I have seen violent outburst by pedestrians, car drivers and cyclists. A little courtesy goes a long way. Definition: polite behavior that shows respect for other people.

I would like to see a photo montage of the incident before it escalated.
Rating: +86
I'm a cyclist and have been for years. I do not drive a car, yet have my license. This sounds like two hot-headed men arguing with each other. The cyclist did reach into the car and throw the driver's property into the road. He was also not cycling in the cycling lane. Perhaps the driver over-reacted, but it sounds like the cyclist did as well.
Rating: +96
The cyclists in this city are pompous a******* who disregard the fact they are designated to cycle in the bike lanes and not zoom in front of cars or cycle outside of the designated lanes and it happens ALL the time..the cyclist had no right to take personal belongings from the man's car and if he fell it may have been his own sick of fools blaming motorists for everything..very much 2 sides to every story and it it is NOT often in favour of arrogant, self entitled cyclists who think they own the road
Rating: +27
@M judging from the witness statements it seems to me the cyclist initiated the fight not the driver, by reaching into the vehicle and tossing out the drivers belongings. "the evidence is clear" bullshi* please actually read the article. photos always end up painting one side to be the monster whether that may be the case or not, obviously due to the fact that the pictures always only tell the later half of the story. In this case it is clear judging by the witness statements mentioned and the police reaction, that the cyclist is the one who was confrontational and was at fault to begin with.
Rating: +19
Get in your damn bike lane and this would not have happened. If he reached in my car and/or tried to damage my car I would do the exact same thing. Time for motorists ( the ones paying taxes, insurance, parking and gas ) to claim back the roads. Time for Gregor to get his head out of his ass and start fining cyclists and quit leading the critical mass rides. Cyclists need to learn some respect, walk your bike across the crosswalk so we can at least see you. Its a fucking joke.
Rating: -33
Uh oh
Ya this guy clearly had a bad day or to many drugs the night befor lol
Rating: -16
Yeah, from looking at the photos, I'm not entirely sure where the police figured the car dude wasn't responsible, and it sounds like they let their opinions prevent them from properly doing their job.

Victim should file a complaint about how the incident was handled.
Rating: -9
Sick and tired of cyclist weaving in and out if traffic and ignoring the rules of the road. I can't tell you how many times I've been cut off by a cyclist trying to get across for lanes of traffic. You have you bike lanes, now use them!!!!!
Rating: +8


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