Video shows fight between driver and cyclist in Vancouver

On Monday (January 27), I blogged and reported on an apparent road-rage incident involving a cyclist, a driver, and a bike lane in Vancouver. Bike courier Edward Hoey told the Georgia Straight that he went to the hospital on Friday (January 24) with a sprained shoulder, cuts, and ripped pants after getting into a violent altercation with a driver on Dunsmuir Street. Police said there is "insufficient evidence" for charges against either man.

Now, a video has emerged showing the conclusion of the incident. Posted by Vancity Buzz, the YouTube clip depicts the driver parking his car in the bike lane and getting out. The driver repeatedly accuses Hoey of stealing his property (the cyclist had tossed some papers out of the car). "Give me my fucking shit back, fuck-face," he shouts.

That's when things get violent. Hoey yells at the driver to "Stop it" as he is roughly taken down. Three men rush in and break up the fight.

Watch the video for yourself:

Update (12:28 p.m.): Hoey called the Straight today (January 28) to clarify that the two-way radio seen in the video is his—and not the driver's, as some online commenters have assumed.

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Utterly insane. That the assailant was allowed to walk free, much less not even be charged, is a major embarrassment for the city and its police. If you think this is justified in any way, ask yourself what you think a society is.
Rating: -1
So it looks like the Straight was lied too. Edward Hoey did not tell the truth and misrepresented the events. It is obvious that the driver clearly requested Mr. Hoey to return his belongings and Hoey chose not to. I'm tired of the media spinning cyclists and drivers against each other. There needs to be accountability and I hope Mr. Hoey enjoys his 15 minutes of fame and as far as I'm concerned I will never use his services nor that of his friends for any business as he and his associates are proven liars.
Rating: +6
Steve Newton
looks to me like the enraged driver tried to run the guy's legs over at the beginning of the video!
Rating: +15
Bike thief
They biker stole from the driver. Driver had every right to use physical force to retrieve it. Video clearly shows the biker was in the wrong.
Rating: -28
just sayin'
not all drivers are like this.
Rating: +29
Steve Newton
I like when the driver says "Now I got your fuckin' radio, dick!" But my favourite part is when he complains: "Get your fuckin' chokehold off me." Doesn't look like much of a chokehold. More like a hug from behind.
Rating: +18
Four wheels good
You can see the driver's property strewn all over the sidewalk. No matter what may have ensued before the fight, the cyclist is clearly in the wrong. So many cyclists act like immature brats on our streets, scoffing at road rules and making it more dangerous for drivers. Grow up and get a life! It is not all about your bike.
Rating: -8

Are we watching the same video? Where does it show the cyclist was holding any "belongings" of the driver's? Or are you simply taking the word of the driver?
Rating: -3
Take away: there are justifiable reasons to use your car as a weapon. I should review the Drive Smart guide. Must've missed it.
Rating: +22
The biker is a COURIER. If he has the guy's papers it means he was asked to pick them up. They can't just hand back papers randomly without proper documentation.

Maybe if people learned to communicate properly instead of using physical force they would actually get somewhere.
Rating: -36
Constantly defending cyclists, even when they are in the wrong as well, is getting out of hand. Many cyclists are showing the same aggression and should be held just as accountable. Violence should never occur, but why would the cyclist aggravate the situation further? Why not be the bigger man to begin with?
Rating: +3
Bela Bugliosi
@bike thief

You're a moron. You can't assault someone in order to retrieve your goods.


Very weak. What else is the VPD doing to cover their ass?
Rating: +4
the Dude
In the original story I was wondering why the cyclist had his hands inside the motorists car. I imagine there would've been no altercation if the cyclist didn't allegedly take anything. The motorist, who apparently knows martial arts, clearly employed restraint. I hope nothing more comes of this story besides an apology from the motorist for the initial road rage to the cyclist and from the cyclist to the public for misinformation in the hope of personal gain.
Rating: +10
cranky mom
I suggest we all trade modes of transportation for a week, then switch again. Drivers bus, cyclists drive, pedestrians cycle. One week later rotate. After a month I am sure everyone would have a new perspective on each others means of commuting. Plus once a day just give someone a break. One gesture each per day can go a long way in a city with millions of commuters.
Rating: +13
Theft or property damage is not an excuse for physical retaliation. Neither party is 100% innocent here, but the driver should be charged with battery (if not assault with a deadly weapon)
Rating: -10
train rider
I saw the pathetic looking cyclist with that wimpy thing around his arm at the Main Skytrain station on Monday morning, before I knew of this incident. I thought at the time that he must be on a day trip from a 'special' school. Turns out he is just a douche trying to sue a guy he got caught stealing from.
Rating: -13

The cyclist claims the driver tried to pull his arm into the car, and he grabbed papers as a result. The papers appear to be on the sidewalk, not in the possession of the cyclist. But by that time the driver was intent on violence.

Perhaps the cyclist had in mind a way to identify the driver or make him stop?

I've found when a driver does something really stupid, the most effective action is to yell their license plate number at them. It's amazing how defusing it is, especially on taxis. People stop, calm down, and actually apologize.
Rating: -10
You are all saying he was out of line for doing what he did to the cyclist .. What is this kindergarten? Someone takes something from you , yet alone reaches into your car and grabs something , you deserve what happened to him as well as deserves to be arrested . I'm sick of these cyclists thinking they can get away with anything than cry ouch when something doesn't go their way . Take someone's property expect what happens here .
Rating: -6
Bela Bugliosi
It's obvious the useless dorks living off police union dues are all over the 3 threads related to this incident. I have yet to read one intelligent posting from those who are attacking the cyclist. If you're a local police officer you should seriously be questioning the bone headed tactics of those trying to mitigate this ham handed clusterfuck on your behalf. You're not getting your money's worth. Of course it could be operatives in the VPD's PR department slagging the cyclist...not union flacks. Either way it ain't working.

As for the rest of the bloated bird brains here who wield their metallic penis substitutes like entitled morons: The more you drive the stupider and lazier you get. Too ignorant to even realize how moronic you sound when you spout angry gibberish. Keep up the bad work.

Rating: -33
Get a life Bela, Maybe the threads are trending against the cyclist because he obviously showed what an egocentric idiot he is.
Rating: +2


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