London driver punches cyclist in road rage confrontation (video)

While Vancouverites were getting upset this week over Facebook photos (and then video) of a driver-cyclist fight in the downtown core, footage of a similar incident in London was also going viral.

A YouTube video, captured by a helmet cam, shows a cyclist giving an Audi driver a piece of his mind for taking up part of a bike box. When the driver speeds away, the cyclist gives chase and swears at the driver down the road.

It doesn't end there. The driver gets out of the car, punches the cyclist, and shoves him off his bike.

Let's try to keep the comments civil, people.

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James Blatchford
Why are cyclists acting so wimpy?This time they had 'The Champ' outnumbered...could have had our first car-swarming.

Yes, take that Vancouver!
Rating: +1
With the price of gas and car payments, I can see why drivers are upset. They see bike riders as ultra-healthy, low budget members of society that are getting a lot more from the city for the amount they pay. They see the roads that accommodate cars, being narrowed down for bike lanes. Rules that were made for cars are being ignored, because bikes don't need those rules to stay safely integrating with pedestrians and larger vehicles.
Have sympathy for the overworked and over charged drivers... I am one of them... except when the weather is good and I get out on my electric bike.
Rating: -2
The driver's actions were not appropriate, but they were certainly understandable.

It's one thing to exchange angry language and gestures, but when you go chasing after someone, as the cyclist did, you should anticipate a bad result.

Think first stupid, and control your temper.
Rating: -5
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