Red Hot Chili Peppers debut new song for the Super Bowl—or not

Click here. No, really—do it. That'll take you to a web page purporting to contain a spanking-new Red Hot Chili Peppers single, released in part to promote the band's performance with Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl XLVIII halftime show. Like most RHCP songs for the past 15 or so years, "Abracadabralifornia" is about California (with a side trip to Alabama). On it, "Anthony Kiedis" sings "Bing-a-bong, a-bong-a-bong Burbank/Ga-ga-ga, ga-ga-ga Glendale", which is no more or less inane than any other Red Hot Chili Peppers song. 

It's kind of convincing, but if you haven't figured out that "Abracadabralifornia" is a clever parody by the time "Kiedis" sings "She jammed my butt with a big stick/Then proceeded to be suckin' my dick", then I have some cheap Super Bowl tickets I'd love to sell you.

The band itself has not been averse to indulging in shenanigans leading up to the Super Bowl, which kicks off on Sunday (February 2; maybe). First, bassist Flea hinted on Twitter that he might unleash the beast on live TV. Then we had drummer Chad Smith declaring that RHCP would be playing "Led Zeppelin's live version" of "Dazed and Confused" during the halftime show. (For those who don't get the joke, Led Zep's studio version of that song clocked in at 6:26, but live performances of it were often considerably longer.) By way of clarification, Smith told KROQ "People in the media are so gullible sometimes. We will, however, be performing side one of Rush's 2112."

Awesome! Between the two of them, Smith and Bruno Mars drummer Eric Hernandez should have enough pieces of gear to replicate at least a third of Neil Peart's kit circa 1976.

UPDATE: Possible clue as to the origin of "Abracadabralifornia" (starting at around the 4:25 mark):

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