Burrard Bridge repairs will reduce vehicle lanes from February to July

The City of Vancouver will start fixing up the 81-year-old Burrrard Bridge on Monday (February 3). 

According to city hall, the safety and structural repairs will involve the replacement of 27 bearings and 19 expansion joints, and concrete repairs and a deck inspection. This will take place over the next five months, an information bulletin says.

Here's how this road work could affect your commute:

Beginning 5 am Monday, lanes will be reduced from five vehicle lanes to four; two lanes in each direction will be operational. From March to July 2014, the bridge will operate with one vehicle lane southbound and two vehicle lanes northbound. Full access for cyclists and pedestrians will be maintained.

The city is recommending drivers consider taking the Granville Bridge.

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Save Vancouver
How convenient for the Vision Vancouver car-haters. And of course this will dimisnish attention paid to the traffic foulups caused by Millionare's Private Driveway, formerly Pt Grey Rd.
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Vancouver Watcher
This is Visions "Chris Christie" moment! 'Let's screw the west side voters, most who don't vote for us, all the ways we can!'
Rating: +4
The Granville Street bridge, which isn't that far away, runs at about 50% capacity. Use it, or better still, leave your vehicle at home and get your fat lazy asses on a bus or try walking. Quit your bitching you whiny pricks!
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