Insane Brit satanic biker movie Psychomania finally comes true

Recently shown on Turner Classic Movies (which means it's therefore a "classic"), Psychomania is a British shocker from the early '70s about a very naughty biker gang, the Living Dead, who discover how to come back through means of necromancy from "the other side."

This is the cue for a lot of entertaining suicide followed by undead British biker hijinks, kind of like Satan's Sadists, but with daffy old Beryl Reid and a sub-Clockwork Orange gang of delinquents roaring around depressing UK housing estates running over baby strollers and performing sex crimes in the parking lot outside the pub.

Like I said: a classic. But anyway, in one of its greatest moments, gang leader Tom Latham—played by sexily brutish longhair Nicky Henson, also of Witchfinder General—is buried inside an ancient stone circle, sitting astride his shitty lawnmower-sized Triumph dirt bike. Once the sun goes down, he comes bursting out of the ground again, the evilist of Knievals, bent on reanimated leather-bound hooliganism.

So far so stupid. Meanwhile, today's Columbus Dispatch reports that an Ohio man has actually gone and done this.

After passing away on Sunday at the age of 84, Bill Standley was placed on his beloved hog, encased inside a plexiglass box, and then lowered into the ground like a life-sized Matchbox blister pack, if Matchbox had ever marketed a "dead guy on a '67 Harley".

“This was his dream,” said his daughter, Dorothy. “He was a one-of-a-kind.”

You can watch Psychomania on YouTube for a glimpse into Bill's immediate future.

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Martin Dunphy
Saw that not too long ago. Didn't know the undead knew how to play guitar.
Rating: +6
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