Conrad Black stripped of Order of Canada, booted from Privy Council

Conrad Black may still be the baron of Crossharbour in the U.K., but he's no longer in the Order of Canada.

Governor General David Johnston has stripped the convicted felon and former media mogul of his appointment as an officer of the order. The move was recommended by the advisory council for the order.

Johnston has also kicked Black out of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, on the advice of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"Both decisions are effective immediately," a Rideau Hall news release states.

In 2007, Black was convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice in the U.S. 

Black was appointed to the order in 1990.

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about time
What took you so long, Harper?
Rating: +3
Mike Cantelon
Boy, that's a real shame.
Rating: -15
Jaded in Vancouver
What did he ever do to earn the OC in the first place ? That's the biggest shame !
Rating: +10
Borrowed Recognition The Canadian Government's an Indian Giver.
You're not who you really are, you who your government says you are, one day you're this guy, the next you're that. So the Order of Canada has a price tag attached to it, receiver beware!
Rating: -6
How can someone who is not a Canadian citizen be in the Privy Council?
How can you be in the Privy Council while in prison for fraud?

Rating: -2
Ben Sili
Considering what the OC stands for these days... It's a blessing in disguise.
Rating: -7
Bela Bugliosi
Yes, Mike, it's a gosh darn shame. We need Felonius Bunk, aka: Conrad the Black, to shine a light on the corrupt nature of Ottawa by virtue of the fact of his membership on the Privy Council. Now the rogues gallery of corrupt, lard infused lichtspittels (the Privy Council) for corporate tyranny over our public assets can remain low key and off the public radar while they assist multinational earth rapers in the plundering of our resources for criminally low royalties and even lower taxes.

Make no mistake..Lard Black was knocked off his perch by those who felt that his lust for prominence while looting his own companies would reflect poorly on all the other corporate criminals who wisely stay out of the spotlight.
Black's raging malignant narcissism is his downfall. Now if only Canadian mass media could grow some balls and finish off this piece of entitled crap now that he has been stripped of his unearned status as a "pillar of the community".
Rating: +1
reg r dahl
Point the fingers, branding with labels, repeating some wrongdoing! Wow. This is admirable Canada! No SELF DEFENSE here. Your agenda is self evidence of your own stupid arrogance and hate! NOT BLACK'S.
Not one you would or could have a balanced perspective!
Rating: -7
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