Photos: Rob Ford kindly poses for photographs during a quick trip through Vancouver

Rob Ford wasn’t in Vancouver for more than a few hours before he encountered a minor brush with local law enforcement.

The Toronto mayor well-known for cutting loose was ticketed by RCMP officers Friday evening (January 31). Ford was not reprimanded for public intoxication, as initially reported.

“He said, ‘I f’d up boys. I was just trying to cross the red light here, and this ‘B’ stopped me,’” a witness reportedly told Global News.

Ford was in Vancouver for a memorial service.

He was also caught enjoying a bit of a night on the town, as a deluge of photos posted to Metro Vancouver residents’ social-media accounts purport to show.

The Straight has not confirmed the authenticity of these images or the accuracy of the descriptions posted by their owners.

Here’s a selection of pictures that have gone viral, most of which state they were captured at the Foggy Dew Irish Pub in Coquitlam.

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one for for sure
People in Toronto are just plain stupid & ignorant & uneducated to vote this guy in & will probably re-elect him next time, hell even Calgary has a better non-stupid mayor than Toronto.
Rating: +3
There's nothing wrong with having a good time. Nobody begrudges him for that... It's that his policies are so regressive, a massive step back from all the planning and progress that has made Toronto so exciting and a great place to grow and live. He is so shallow and his take on what makes an urban environment great, successful, in any sense, is non existent. The fact that he's a pathological liar and manipulator of facts, solely interested in power, at any cost, is a compounding concern. Aside from, but along with his personality and addiction problems...

He plays to our worst and most destructive qualities, our weaknesses, like a confidence man, a con artist does. Don't be fooled by his deceptive pitch, his hook. Like so many. He's a media age tyrant, a digital dictator, a lesson in destruction. Urban, and self.

He will fall, they always do. Sooner I hope, than later...The sooner the better...
Rating: +2
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