Bieber evidently unclear on what to do with boobies

Evidently far from done in his quest to become this generation’s Vanilla Ice, Justin Boober, err, Bieber has followed up recent drunk driving and house-egging incidents with a boob-related controversy.

The Canadian teen-pop star and odious human being has been shot getting a face full of silicone with friend Khalil Sharieff. The picture—which can be viewed herewas reportedly taken in an L.A. studio, where a surgically enhanced stripper was hired to come in and perform, but not when the tape was rolling.

Sharieff is ostensibly a rapper, but is better known as one of Bieber’s hangers-on. He might be a wannabe, but, unlike that amateur clown from Stratford, he at least he knows that you are supposed to lick, not chew.

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bela the bug
jfc, mike...lick, chew, snort your granny's ashes off...who gives a rats' arse? What one does with boobies is ALWAYS a matter of personal preference as long as no one is punctured and/or deflated.

eg: I may think the Prime Minister and his cabinet are all seriously unqualified for their jobs but I'd never begrudge them their habit of sucking Republican Tea Party cock every chance they get.
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Beiber is great entertainment. My favorite is when he loses his temper at security guards out the front of an LA night club. This kid is Wild!!! Should be Viral!!!
Rating: -8
Isn't the pic of a young baby suckling his mother? and sharing the meal with a starving out-of-work friend.
Rating: +3
I wouldn't ever touch a stripper, but if I did it wouldn't involve another man.
Rating: -3
bela the bug
Oh hey, NTTIAWWT...that's just crazy talk. Don't you know strippers are the epitome of womanhood. Just last week I told one that she had the whitest teeth I'd ever come across. As for having a bud watch...are you an antidentite?
Rating: -5
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