Video helps you make an informed decision on the horror that is having children

To have kids, or to not have kids: it’s one of life’s biggest decisions.

Perhaps you are currently in a relationship and sitting on the fence. On the pro no-kids side, you can not only go to the bar whenever the hell you want to, but also follow up those six Strawberry Squashed Alley Cats with a double Chocolate Choo-Choo, secure in the knowledge that no one will be screaming for your attention at 6 a.m. when all you want to do is die with your head in the bedside puke bucket.

On the negative side, well, actually, there doesn’t seem to be one, unless one of your life-long dreams is wiping another human being’s ass seven days a week for the first two years of their existence on this godforsaken hellhole of a planet.

On the odd chance you’re still undecided on which route to go, don’t let your parents pressure you into carrying on the family name by pumping out a couple of diaper dumpers who are going to bleed you dry until they finally cart you off to the old folks home.

Instead, let the following "Try Not Having Kids" clip help you make a truly informed decision.

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