NDP MLA Jane Shin encourages constituents to volunteer for 2014 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count

Politicians often get lambasted when they put their name forward for public office. But many of them do positive things in their community that go under the radar.

For example, Burnaby-Lougheed NDP MLA Jane Shin, has been trying to highlight initiatives that will increase community engagement and tone down the cynicism in politics.

She recently distributed a statement on her MLA letterhead calling on constituents to consider volunteering for the 2014 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count.

"By volunteering for the count, you are helping to gather valuable information used by governments, service providers, community groups and funders so they can plan for appropriate programs to address homelessness and measure our progress in reducing homelessness," the statement declares.

The count takes place during the evening of March 11 and on March 12.

The deadline for registering is Friday (February 7).

All you have to do is complete this online application.

Shin has also drawn attention to the launch of the mobile version of MentorshipBC, as well as the Employer of the Year Award from the B.C. Coalition of Persons with Disabilities.

There will be some who will never forgive Shin for a controversy in the election campaign over her CV, which was milked to the hilt by the B.C. Liberals. But it's hard to find fault in her efforts to recruit volunteers to gather information to help address one of the most pressing and persistent public-policy issues in the region.

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Megan W
I'm not so sure if such efforts by MLA Jane Shin are aimed at "(toning) down the cynicism in politics". To those who have lost all trust in MLA Jane Shin because of her choice to use the "Dr." title -- despite the lack of credentials as a medical doctor -- during her whole election campaign, it's more like she has no choice but to highlight such initiatives and want to "tone down the cynicism in politics". She's trying to put the blame of her misleading credentials on politics, when it's all really about the electorate wanting integrity from elected politicians. All the true motives of MLA Jane Shin are questionable. Plus, she has to try to be -- at least -- doing something "good" for the public. We want honesty.
Rating: +4
Charlie Smith
Jane Shin graduated from medical school in the Caribbean and is qualified to use the "Dr." designation.

Charlie Smith
Rating: -6
Roley Chiu
Finally an article that cuts through the noise and gets to the heart of what Jane is doing in the community. Nicely done, Straight I am now a fan.
Rating: -3
Anyone who gets a doctorate is allowed to call themselves "dr" - I don't see anyone complaining about "DR" Andrew Weaver using the title: http://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/40thParl/weaver-Andrew.htm
Rating: -6
Megan W
I understand the logic of those who say that literally MLA Jane Shin can "legally" use the "Dr" title solely because she went to medical school and graduated with an medical degree. However, that is the not the heart of the serious matter here. The point is that she is not qualified to be a practising physician like she touted in her campaign bio, which also helped her get the nomination. MLA Jane Shin did not go through the whole process to be a medical doctor. Those people around her even believed she was a true practising medical doctor like she voiced in her bio. There are just too many witnesses to this fact directly heard from her. It is not simply just about the use of a "Dr" title here.
The Straight should also understand that there are citizens/taxpayers like us hold this belief, just as the facts present themselves.
But thank you Straight for raising such issue and bringing the controversy to light and not hiding it. It is much appreciated. I am a fan of Straight too.
Rating: +8
Good for her for raising community issues.

However, politicians of all stripes promote community causes all the time so this is not particularly exceptional.
Rating: +2
Roley Chiu was involved with the management of Jane Shin's campaign for the Burnaby—Lougheed nomination. She was already campaigning as a Doctor at this point and much of the biographical information in question dates from this period too.
Rating: +1
Al Leong
People really should just leave her alone. She ran to do good work for the community. People who pick her apart are trolls. I've met her and she has no attitutde. Perhaps a little too nice, a little too altruistic. Kindly meet her before you pass judgement, and before you write comments. I have decided to volunteer for her, too.
Rating: -1
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