Why Nazis burned copies of Bambi

The depravity of the Nazis knew no bounds.

I came across an article on the Jewniverse website reporting that Adolf Hitler's party banned the children's book Bambi in 1936 "because of it's 'political allegory on the treatment of Jews in Europe'."

The author, Felix Salten, had become internationally famous when the book was translated into English in 1923.

According to the article, Salten moved from Austria to Switzerland as hostility to Jews rose in Europe.

Copies of Bambi were burned by Nazis in several states, but they couldn't kill the book's appeal.

In 1942, Walt Disney released the film version, ensuring the story remained immortal.

It was all thanks to publisher Max Schuster, who introduced Salten to the U.S. studio.

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Did you know
Those same pesky nazi's also invented what you call the modern olympics. Yup thats right they designed the torch, rings et all and you support it. Congrats.

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A. MacInnis
You know, I'm not quite sure the Straight is the right paper to accuse of supporting the Olympics. Just sayin'...
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