How about you just watch this RoboCop remake instead?

Remember the fan made Star Wars Uncut?

In the same spirit—but with way more exploding cocks—comes this crowdsourced “retelling” of RoboCop, courtesy of over 50 professional and amateur filmmakers including the lunatics at Team Tiger Awesome and VFX visionaries Fatal Farm (responsible for tickling your pineal gland with the mindbending Key & Peele show.)

Co-sponsored by Channel 101 (which has given us Yacht Rock, Chad Vader, and Laser Fart over the years), Our RoboCop Remake was prompted by that big budget Hollywood remake of Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 classic, currently looming on the horizon like an uncalibrated ED-209 enforcement droid.

Or, as the team behind this ridiculously entertaining mashup puts it: “Because if anyone is going to ruin RoboCop, it's us.”

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