Video: Baba Brinkman wishes the world a Happy Darwin Day

On the 205th birthday of Charles Darwin, rapper Baba Brinkman has offered a videotaped salute to biology teachers who continue to educate students about his landmark theory of evolution.

The New York–based Brinkman makes the case that Darwin Day should be a statutory holiday—"a day off work to actually read comparative anatomy, biogeography, genetics and paleontology".

"Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution, so February 12 is the birthday of the first human with the solution to the mystery of existence," he raps. "Why the hummingbird? Why the orchid? Why the rhinocerous? Why the pine tree? Why the wasp and why the porpoise? Why the mass extinction of the majority of life forms that ever lived?"

Brinkman, son of Vancouver Quadra MP Joyce Murray, is also the creator of the Rap Guide to Evolution, which he performed in October at the Cultch.

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